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    Quite often the first conversation we have with a prospective client starts with: “I have some spare money, what is the best interest I can get?”

    This is such an open question that the possible answers are endless. We always steer the conversation back to the financial plan to ascertain if this cash is actually ‘spare’ or surplus.

    We view savings, investments, pensions and other assets holistically. They all work together towards your long term objectives, helping you on the journey to financial freedom. If the objectives have been analysed, a sustainable plan is in motion and you have adequate resources in cash, our advice could be one of three things:

    1. Add the cash to your existing investments, with the extra cash bringing down the required rate of return needing to be achieved to meet your goals. With a lower required rate of return, you could either invest in a lower risk portfolio meaning you can achieve your goals in a less volatile manner, or accept you may have an increasing portfolio not decreasing, so therefore could increase withdrawals over retirement.
    2. If your current plan already has a low required rate of return (less than 3% per annum), we could invest the funds separately and treat them as a unique portfolio with new risk parameters and separate objectives.
    3. Spend it.

    As independent advisers we have access to the whole of the savings and investment markets, so please do speak with one of our financial planners for more information.

    Our portfolios are made up of both equities and fixed interest investments (cash deposits, bonds and gilts), so we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and explain the options available to you.

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    There is a wide range of contracts providing life assurance and critical illness cover, making selection of the right arrangements somewhat difficult.

    We are experienced at tailor making the right package for you and by using technology, have access to the most competitive rates in the market. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements so that we can examine which solution would be best for you.

    Over more than two decades, we have built up an exceptional relationship of trust and goodwill. No issue is ever too trivial and professional advice is always gladly given. Simpson Wood is scrupulous and totally dependable.

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