Tax Efficient Portfolio Management

    At Simpson Wood, we don’t believe that investment decisions should be driven by taxes. However, our experience has taught us that intelligent choices as part of a tax-efficient portfolio strategy can reduce the limiting impact of taxes on your investments and allow your portfolio to perform at its best.

    In addition to the enormous range of investment funds available, there are a wide range of contracts through which these funds can be bought, such as ISAs, insurance funds, offshore bonds, unit trusts and OEICs. Each of these contracts is subject to differing tax regulations.

    We aim to use the most tax efficient structure for your individual circumstances, in addition to managing portfolios on a personal basis, all as part of our tax efficient portfolio management service.

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    Our portfolio management process

    The individuality and unique needs and requirements of each client is at the forefront of our minds as we approach every portfolio we work on.

    The client’s tax situation plays an instrumental role in the selection of the most appropriate types of products. After full consideration of the client’s attitude to investment risk, income requirements and future plans, decisions are made regarding asset allocation between equity funds, property funds, fixed interest funds and cash. Only then do we start the process of selecting the investment managers to whom the client’s portfolio is entrusted. 

    Establishing your investment portfolio is only the first part of the process. Just as important is the way in which we monitor your portfolio and carefully manage its future performance. Great emphasis is placed on regular reviews, which also include any changes to your circumstances, and portfolio adjustments are then agreed. 

    Many clients have come to us with arrangements accumulated over a number of years, and if that’s the case with your portfolio we will be happy to review these arrangements with you and make any recommendations that we deem are appropriate.

    A balanced approach

    We know the pitfalls of allowing tax considerations to dominate investment decisions, and our portfolio managers always make maximising your savings their first priority.

    But by paying attention to asset location and intelligent adjustments as part of a tax-efficient portfolio strategy, we can minimise the impact of taxes on your returns and boost your savings in the long term.

    We highly recommend speaking to one of our tax efficient investment advisors in a consultation about the impact our portfolio management approach can have on the performance of your savings and investments.

    More from Financial Planning

    We offer a complete solution to clients. As well as completing your return, we use our knowledge of your individual circumstances to provide you with proactive advice and help you to minimise your tax burden.

    Our knowledge of trust and tax law and of its practical application has enabled us over many years to establish a large and well respected trust department, making us one of the leading practices in the area offering such a specialised service.

    Danny and his team are a great asset to our business activities. The team members are helpful, cheerful and a pleasure to deal with. As a business we would be lost without them.

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