Company secretarial

    The task of ensuring a company is in full compliance with the law is no easy task, which is why many firms appoint us to oversee these duties. 

    The Companies Act 2006 removed the requirement for limited companies to appoint a company secretary, prompting many business owners to approach the management and operation of their firms in new ways, they must nevertheless meet the statutory requirements of annual company returns. 

    Many of our clients have found that outsourcing company secretarial duties to Simpson Wood saves them time, money and stress. 

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    What are company secretarial duties?

    The law requires limited companies to submit certain documents within strict time limits, such as confirmation statements. Firms must also keep accurate, up-to-date records and maintain statutory registers. 

    Governance and compliance is a complex and detailed process. Failure to ensure governance and compliance can lead to potentially severe penalties for a company and its directors. 

    Simpson Wood utilises specialist software to manage company secretarial duties, and we alleviate the burden of these duties from many of our clients. 

    Our company secretarial services include: 

    • The maintenance of statutory books, 
    • Acting as the registered office of our clients, 
    • Preparing paperwork such as dividend certificates and stock transfer forms, 
    • Assisting with company formation, 
    • Filing resolutions and accounts at Companies House using online filing, 
    • Preparing minutes of all board meetings and AGMs, 
    • Assisting with the dissolution of a company. 

    The benefits of outsourcing company secretarial duties

    Our expertise in company secretarial duties has lead to the vast majority of our clients asking us to take over this aspect of their businesses. 

    With Simpson Wood acting as your registered office or simply handling your company secretarial duties, you also gain invaluable peace of mind, knowing that your firm will never miss a deadline or file inaccurate accounts, statements or records. 

    Let us worry about meeting your deadlines to avoid penalties so that you can concentrate on running your business

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    Our comprehensive business advice and support services are key to the type of firm we are.

    In addition to covering your basic requirements such as accountancy and tax compliance we will provide you with a complete service to give you practical help. Please click on the relevant heading for further details.

    As a small growing business, we rely heavily on the excellent support that we receive from Simpson Wood. They provide the expertise and assurance which allows us to focus on our clients and service.

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