Services for start-ups

    Businesses emerge from ambition. But they survive through support. 

    Most people who set up a business do so because they have a brilliant business idea and possess the desire and enterprise to turn their dreams into reality. 

    However, the initial steps of building your own business can be daunting to even the best-prepared entrepreneurs as they face the various administrative burdens involved. 

    Simpson Wood is here to help new businesses through those tricky early stages by offering our expertise, our skills and our vast experience, ensuring start-ups we work with gain the full benefit of our business acumen. 

    If you are involved in a start-up, we can work side-by-side with you as you develop your business ideas. We can provide constructive and practical guidance tailored to your start-up and the specific challenges you face, empowering you to proceed on a sound financial footing. 

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    Our services for start-ups

    We offer accounting services that help aspirational leaders achieve their goals, and we help them implement the solutions and systems that will carry them forward. 

    Having helped countless new businesses navigate their early years, we intuitively understand the most pressing issues affecting start-ups. However, we always begin any new working relationship by listening to our clients and gaining a thorough understanding of their hopes, fears and aspirations. 

    While we always provide a tailored approach to accountancy services for start-ups, there are certain issues that we aim to address with all of our clients, including: 

    • Establishing the most appropriate trading structure for your business, 
    • The tax implications of your start-up’s trading structure, 
    • Cash flow and profit projections for the business, 
    • Meeting your funding requirements, 
    • Registering your business and ensuring all your compliance issues are dealt with, 
    • Advising on your accounting system and helping you to implement an appropriate solution. 

    We can also provide a review of your business plan and share our experience and insight to help shape a successful strategy for your company. 

    We seek to provide proactive, practical support and advice to give your start-up the very best chance of success, and our contacts with banks and other potential investors can be useful in meeting any funding requirements 

    Why outsource start-up services?

    Getting a start-up off the ground is an all-consuming endeavour that leaves those who launch them with very little time to spare. That’s why, even if you are an entrepreneur with a strong knowledge of accounting, we would still recommend enlisting some help in the early stages of your business. 

    We can be both the benevolent guide and the critical friend that you need as you overcome hurdles like finalising your business plan, becoming tax compliant and selecting the technology you need to thrive. Payroll, pensions, VAT compliance and investor relations are all among the areas where we can provide specialist assistance and help you to create a solid foundation upon which to build your business. 

    Whatever stage your start-up is in right now, be it the tentative early planning phase or the first few months of business, you can contact Simpson Wood and gain access to the help you need most. 

    More from Business Advice and Support

    Our comprehensive business advice and support services are key to the type of firm we are.

    In addition to covering your basic requirements such as accountancy and tax compliance we will provide you with a complete service to give you practical help. Please click on the relevant heading for further details.

    While always highly professional, Simpson Wood achieves a very personal service, which I have very much appreciated. The company has continued to modernise without losing any of the ethos of its traditions.

    Simpson Wood successfully continues to offer first-class services in all respects. Over the years I have used all the services provided, so I speak with some authority when I say that these have always been excellent.

    The team is approachable and only ever a phone call away, which is so important. I know that Simpson Wood is working with us, as well as for us. I have no hesitation in recommending Simpson Wood to anyone who needs an accountancy service.

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