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    The transition from working life to retirement presents a number of challenges, no matter what your circumstances might be. At Simpson Wood, we believe it’s important that people get the help they need with the financial considerations of retirement, so that they can focus on the practical and emotional ones.

    The team of financial planners at Simpson Wood has a long track record of helping clients to not only plan for a long and happy retirement, but to live out those plans and achieve financial security throughout a precious time in their lives.

    Within the retirement planning process there are various options to consider before determining the most appropriate way for a pension arrangement to be structured. We approach all retirement plans in a holistic way that incorporates general investment planning and close liaison with our tax department.

    This approach enables us to provide our clients with the very best solution to meet their individual circumstances.

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    Pension planning advice

    While it is true that the subject of pensions gets few people excited, at Simpson Wood we relish the opportunity to put our hard-earned knowledge into practice while helping our clients make the most of their pension savings.

    When looking ahead to retirement, it is important to review your finances and get a firm grasp of your investments and the fees you are paying, and an understanding of the fluctuations that can occur as the economy and regulations change. With sound pension planning advice, you can make necessary adjustments and ensure your pension wealth is maximised when you come to retire.

    Simpson Wood’s retirement planning experts can also help you to explore the possibility of deferring your pension, should you find that you might stand to benefit from doing so. Our advisers can help you to create a retirement plan in which your pension withdrawals meet the needs of your desired lifestyle, in a sustainable manner.

    Inheritance planning advice

    Another important aspect of retirement planning is the wealth you stand to pass on to your loved ones at the end of your life.

    There is a lack of clarity around inheritance tax and the charges that apply to the estate of a deceased person, often exacerbated by the frequency with which this particular tax grabs news headlines.

    But our experienced financial advisers can debunk the myths around inheritance tax and provide you with guidance and reassurance as you put together a sound retirement plan that covers all eventualities.

    No matter what stage of retirement planning you happen to be going through, from those early tentative thoughts through to fully embracing retirement, we can help you to approach the next steps with financial confidence.

    To hear more about our retirement planning services, contact us today.

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    Our simple 5-step plan below walks you through our process, but if you have any questions, our team of qualified advisers are available to give you any help and advice you may need.
    Review Existing Plans

    Our first job will be to track down and review each existing pension/investment you have.
    Considering most people change jobs at least 2-3 times in their career, it is not uncommon for us to track down and review several pensions for each client.


    Due to economies of scale and older pensions generally having a higher charging structure, consolidating numerous pensions into one could reduce the annual administration fees by up to 1.5% per annum. However, we are careful to consider each case individually, as there are occasions when it is appropriate to retain existing policies, and personalised advice is essential.

    Investment Portfolio

    Once we have consolidated the pensions as appropriate, we would then establish a bespoke investment portfolio for you in accordance with our Investment Proposition.


    Again in line with your overall situation, we would provide you with holistic advice including how much you should be contributing into your pensions/investments for maximum tax-efficiency.


    Finally, would be to arrange annual review meetings to discuss the above retirement strategy and amend as is necessary on a year-by-year basis.

    If you would like to discuss planning for your retirement, please contact us.

    More from Independent Financial Advice

    We set up Simpson Wood (Financial Services) Limited to enhance the service we can provide to our clients. Our independent status means that we have access to virtually all financial products in the market place.

    Close liaison with our tax department ensures that planning opportunities are maximised and coupled with the traditional values of the practice this puts us in the ideal position to provide the service and advice you deserve.

    Our close working relationship with Simpson Wood and its partners has ensured that our needs are serviced in the accurate, professional and timely manner that we require.

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