VAT Returns

    VAT returns must be filed on time and without mistakes, in order to keep HMRC satisfied. Having to file a VAT return quarterly or annually can place a lot of pressure on business owners who, let’s face it, have plenty of other things to worry about. 

    At Simpson Wood, we strive to help our clients achieve financial freedom by relieving them of the burden that regular tasks like filing a VAT return can become. Our track record of filing timely, accurate returns for our clients has produced longstanding relationships built on trust. 

    Whether your business is VAT registered or not, you can speak to a member of our experienced team to find out how we can help you take advantage of VAT schemes and take a weight off your mind. 

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    Our VAT return services

    The rules for VAT are extremely complex and liable to change at any time. Staying abreast of your company’s responsibilities in relation to VAT can be a time-consuming task. 

    At Simpson Wood, we make it our business to be in the know about all things VAT, from changes in legislation to the benefits and requirements of becoming VAT registered. 

    By outsourcing your VAT returns to our trained and experienced team, you can be confident that your accounts are in order and that you don’t pay more VAT than is due. 

    Our VAT services cover: 

    • advice on queries and VAT planning, 
    • completing the registration for VAT on your behalf, 
    • ensuring your business is on the most suitable VAT scheme, 
    • preparation and online submission of VAT returns, 
    • Deregistration from VAT, 
    • ensuring that you only pay the VAT that needs to be paid. 

    We can help you to explore your options if you are not yet VAT registered, talking through the pros and cons of the various schemes that may be available to your business. 

    While companies whose taxable turnover is greater than £85,000 must register for VAT, voluntary registration is available to those firms whose turnover is below that threshold. 

    If your company’s projected taxable turnover is set to exceed £85,000, we can help you to register for VAT ahead of time and ensure all of your accounts are in order. 

    What is a VAT return?

    A VAT return is a calculation of how much value added tax you are required to pay HMRC, based on the VAT you’ve charged your customers and the VAT you can reclaim for applicable business expenses. 

    Our team has helped thousands of businesses to submit a VAT return, and our depth of experience means we can identify every aspect of your business that should be taken into account. By conducting a thorough review of all your financial activity, covering every invoice and every business expense, we can make sure you never pay more than you need to in your VAT return. 

    Another strength of our VAT return services is the timeliness with which we process every account we work on, making sure our clients are never at risk of HMRC penalties for late filing. 

    Whether you file your VAT return quarterly or annually, our team can make sure your submission is both timely and accurate, eliminating the worry and stress that VAT returns can cause when handled internally. 

    Contact Simpson Wood today to find out how our VAT return services can benefit your business. 

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