Corporate finance

    Our corporate finance service covers our clients’ requirements at some of the most crucial stages that their businesses go through. 

    Whether your firm is seeking assistance with a purchase, guidance through a time of expansion, or advice on a sale, Simpson Wood can provide you with expert advice in order to optimise the outcomes for everyone connected with your business. 

    Read on to learn more about the areas of corporate finance that we specialise in.  

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    Our Expertise

    Buying a business from its owners can be a complex affair, and our team has a track record of success in providing consultative and practical help during the management buy-out/buy-in process. 

    Our expertise in business plans, financing and taxation will assist you in structuring a deal which is right for you, with the first step in the process typically involving business valuations and tax planning. 

    With buyer and seller each bringing their own perspective to any business valuation, there is always a negotiation involved and an agreement is not always easy to reach. Simpson Wood can provide clarity and perspective by offering an independent opinion on the value of the business in question, typically delivering a range of valuations with a maximum and minimum price. 

    Whether you’re a seller or buyer in need of an expert valuation, you can speak to us for more information on this service. 

    Acquisition & disposals

    Our experience in the field of corporate finance has furnished our team with a detailed understanding of how businesses in a broad range of sectors operate. We have also built up an array of contacts with a variety of financial institutions, leaving us well placed to assist with acquisitions and disposals. 

    Our work in acquisitions is often centred on appraising the business of the target company. Our acquisition specialists work hard to produce comprehensive appraisals before providing assistance with the financing of the deal, and then making themselves available at all stages of the completion process. 

    We take a similarly rigorous approach to disposals, drawing on our experience to assess the business for sale, provide a realistic valuation, and then carefully time the marketing of the disposal and assist with the subsequent negotiations – no matter how complex they might be. 

    When it comes to raising funds for an acquisition or disposal, our strong relationships with a range of finance providers means we can help our clients to access venture capital, development capital, working capital, debtor or asset finance, and we can obtain feedback and assistance before a fixed decision is taken. 

    Selling, succession and due diligence

    Preparing a business for sale is always a delicate task. It is crucial that the business is fully prepared for your exit.  

    Simpson Wood can provide you and your stakeholders with all the support you need as you enter preparatory discussions where every issue relevant to the sale of your business is properly analysed, including tax planning, finance, and other areas such as HR planning and reducing the extent to which the business depends on you. 

    Business and succession planning tends to be more straightforward than a sale, but the help of a trusted advisor to facilitate discussions and clarify your thoughts can still be invaluable. Our experience in assisting a wide variety of clients through business and succession planning gives us a depth of knowledge that we use to tailor succession plans to the exact needs of our clients. 

    A degree of due diligence work is required in the majority of transactions, in order to satisfy financiers or the parties involved in buying or selling that the proposals work and are commercially viable. 

    Due diligence is not just restricted to the financial and tax aspects of the business, and can also involve legal aspects such as patents, restrictive covenants, health and safety, and licensing. Our broad knowledge and relationships with many legal practices allow Simpson Wood to guide you through this crucial area. 

    Plan to succeed

    Underpinning our success in the corporate finance processes mentioned above is our proficiency in corporate finance tax planning. 

    This specialist and high growth area involves assessing the tax implications of any proposed transaction and advising on alternatives which may be more tax efficient, both for private individuals and corporate entities. 

    Our review of the tax implications will consider the consequences for the company and the individuals concerned, assessing the impact on any available income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax reliefs available. We have a high level of expertise in strategies such as hiving off, remuneration planning, EIS relief, share option schemes, capital reduction demergers and entrepreneurs’ relief. 

    For expert guidance, advice and support through the corporate finance challenges facing you or your business, contact us today. 

    Danny and his team are a great asset to our business activities. The team members are helpful, cheerful and a pleasure to deal with. As a business we would be lost without them.

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