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    Our corporate finance service covers our clients’ requirements at some of the most crucial stages that their businesses go through.
    Whether your firm is seeking assistance with a purchase, guidance through a time of expansion, or advice on a sale, Simpson Wood can provide you with expert advice in order to optimise the outcomes for everyone connected with your business.

    Read on to learn more about the areas of corporate finance that we specialise in.

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    Our expertise

    Buying a business from its owners can be a complex affair, and our team has a track record of success in providing consultative and practical help during the management buy-out/buy-in process.

    Our expertise in business plans, financing and taxation will assist you in structuring a deal which is right for you, with the first step in the process typically involving business valuations and tax planning.

    With buyer and seller each bringing their own perspective to any business valuation, there is always a negotiation involved and an agreement is not always easy to reach. Simpson Wood can provide clarity and perspective by offering an independent opinion on the value of the business in question, typically delivering a range of valuations with a maximum and minimum price.

    Whether you’re a seller or buyer in need of an expert valuation, you can speak to us for more information on this service.

    More from Corporate Finance

    Corporate Finance covers a wide range of services required at crucial stages in the life of a business, whether that is its purchase, a time of expansion, or its ultimate sale.

    When looking at such transactions we can provide you with expert advice in order to optimise the outcome for both you and your business. Please click on the relevant heading for further details.

    The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Simpson Wood continue to offer expert advice for the smooth running of our company accounts. They are efficient, competent and reliable – a professional firm providing a professional service, tailored to our needs. Long may it continue!

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