Independent Financial Advice

    We place the financial freedom of our clients at the centre of everything we do so we are able to provide flexible, tailored support and financial advice.

    We set up Simpson Wood (Financial Services) Limited to enhance the service we can provide to our clients. Our independent status means that we have access to virtually all financial products in the marketplace.

    Close liaison with our tax department ensures that planning opportunities are maximised and, factoring in the traditional values of the practice, this puts us in the ideal position to provide the service and advice you deserve.

    Whatever your circumstances and no matter what personal or business financial goals you are seeking to achieve, independent financial advice from Simpson Wood can move you closer to financial freedom.

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    Personal independent financial advice

    Our advisors can help you to get your investments and savings working for you, ensuring your portfolio is performing as it should without any unnecessary waste. Having access to all financial products in the marketplace means we can help you to invest across a wide range of asset classes in a broad variety of regions and sectors.

    We can provide financial advice to help you navigate the ever-shifting tax landscape, reducing your burden and working to promote your wealth and your standard of living. And if you are planning your retirement, we can help you to secure your income and plan your pension as you approach this new stage of your life.

    We’re also here for you if you’re going through difficult times. Our advisors deliver expert help on the splitting of assets and unpicking of shared finances during the divorce process, always with an empathetic and sensitive approach.

    Independent financial advice for businesses

    Every business can benefit from financial advice and guidance to help them through the challenges of an economic landscape that is never the same from year to year.

    Perhaps you are in the early stages of launching a start-up and want to ensure that your business and its staff are protected in the event of unexpected disruption to the firm’s revenue streams.

    Whatever stage your business has reached, it is certain that we will have helped clients through similar challenges before, making us well placed to provide the strategic guidance you need.

    A personal approach

    At Simpson Wood, our vast experience of tax, accounting and financial planning has taught us that individuals and businesses can go through unexpected periods in which their circumstances change. We have helped people and businesses through a broad range of financial challenges, deepening our expertise and honing our approach to ensure we serve every client in a way that suits their particular background and situation.

    Our independent financial advisors look at every aspect of a client’s financial objectives and the full range of factors that could have an impact on driving success, before putting together a comprehensive strategy tailored to the specific wealth management needs of the company or the individual.

    If you would like to hear more about how our independent financial advice could benefit you or your business, contact us today.

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    We set up Simpson Wood (Financial Services) Limited to enhance the service we can provide to our clients.

    Our independent status means that we have access to virtually all financial products in the market place.

    The advice and support we have received from Simpson Wood – in particular, Mark Fielding – while trying to secure funding for an extension to our care home has been invaluable. Simpson Wood always deals promptly with any queries we have.

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