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    We pride ourselves on providing bespoke advice aimed at meeting your specific needs, objectives and attitude to investment risk, thus each individual portfolio will be unique to you.

    What is not unique, however, is our process. Every portfolio goes through the same construction process.

    As the industry has evolved, many IFA firms delegate the management of the underlying investment portfolios to external firms. We have taken the decision not to follow this route due to the extra charges which are usually passed onto the client. Instead, we utilise the expertise of professional investment analysts to assist and advise our own investment committee on a quarterly basis.

    The research they provide and the input they have on our overall asset allocations and fund selections is pivotal to both the creation of new portfolios and our ongoing review process. This approach to portfolio management allows us to offer a robust and pro-active service, whilst avoiding additional fees payable by the client, as we meet the cost of the external advisers.

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    There is a wide range of contracts providing life assurance and critical illness cover, making selection of the right arrangements somewhat difficult.

    We are experienced at tailor making the right package for you and by using technology, have access to the most competitive rates in the market. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements so that we can examine which solution would be best for you.

    We see Simpson Wood as a proactive partner that often looks for ways to improve our financial position by providing advice on tax planning opportunities.

    The people at Simpson Wood take time and care to understand our needs and to provide advice in a professional way – and on a level which is easily understood. I would have no hesitation recommending this company to anyone looking for professional advice across a broad range of financial matters.

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