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    Christopher Rygalski
    5th February 2024
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    Our In the Spotlight series lets you get to know some of our team better. That might be their hobbies, favourite book or what they would take to a desert island with them. This time we’re talking to Anna who is our Payroll Admninistrator!

    Q: What is your role at SW and how did you get into a career in the said job role?
    A: Payroll Administrator – I had been wanting a career change for a while and was unsure of what I wanted to do, I have always enjoyed working with numbers, and decided a year ago it was time for that change. A very good client of mine in my last job role approached me who is a member of the Simpson Wood team, wanting me to join her at SW, this did not take much convincing and I’m still very happy with my decision
    Q: If applicable what did you do before SW?
    A: I trained as a Beauty Therapist; I was in the industry for 11 years.
    Q: What are we likely to find you doing on a day-to-day basis?
    A: Day to day, I process weekly and monthly payrolls, including creating numerous reports for each client, uploading pension contributions, and dealing with client queries.
    Q: What kind of problem might you solve on a typical day / week?
    A: Being aware of the constant changes within payroll and identifying if changes are needed or necessary to provide the right service.
    Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?
    A: Providing a correct and efficient job to clients and hearing positive feedback. I do think every day is a learning day especially in my role and I thoroughly enjoy that about it!
    Q: Tell us what makes SW different…
    A: I have never worked at such a large company, so it is hard to compare, however one that stands out to me is that I feel SW make an effort to reward their staff with things such as quaterly socials and numerous other activities and meals out.
    Q: What three words do you think (hope!) your colleagues would use to describe you?
    A: Chatty, Friendly and Conscientious
    Q: What are we most likely to find you doing when you’re not at work?/hobbies?
    A: I am a huge lover of the outdoors, rain, wind or shine. I love walking, it’s me time, however always accompanied by my best four-legged friend Cookie, we happily walk miles (or swim if you’re Cookie!) and we do like to finish off with a well-deserved drink at our local. 
    I also really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, the more complicated the better! 
    Finally me and my other half love live music, we travel all over to see our favourite bands.
    Q: What’s your favourite spot in Yorkshire and why?
    A: I have always loved Robin Hoods Bay, somewhere I have always visited growing up and still love to go now but that hill never gets any easier!
    Q: What’s your party trick?
    A: I can wiggle my ears – however I do avoid this as I look very serious!
    Q: Favourite chocolate/sweet/food etc?
    A: Hands down, cheese! I’m well aware I have a problem with cheese to the point of probably being classed as a turophile (a lover of cheese!)
    Q: Favourite book/podcast/tv show/film?
    A: I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan, didn’t know what to fill my time with when it finished!
    Q: Name something off your bucket list?
    A: To do a Safari on a horse back in South Africa
    Q: Favourite/dream holiday destination?
    A: My favourite holiday which I will always remember is going to Lapland, what an amazing adventure as a child. My dream destination would be Bora Bora… one day hopefully!
    Q: Role model/inspiration?
    A: My role model is my best friend (I know that sounds cheesy) but I have never met someone who works so hard and lives life to the full. She has no limites! She always amazes me in what she does, she is truly inspirational and in my eyes a legend
    Q: If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 objects would you take?
    Bear Grylls 
    My Dog 
    Q: Tell us a surprising/fun fact about yourself
    A: I have helped deliver a calf!
    Q: If you could learn a new skill what would it be?
    A: Would love to learn sign language
    Q: What is your favourite quote?
    A: You work to live! Not live to work.
    Q: What was your first record/concert/cd/music download?
    A: I remember getting a cassette player passed down to me and one song I listened to on repeat was Witch Doctor by Cartoons

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