Financial Planning For Businesses

    Simpson Wood Financial Planning team are experts at advising business owners ion all matter of financial planning.  Our objective when advising you is to convert the profits within your trading into the most tax efficient investment vehicles so they are something you can benefit from; whether that is for your benefit, the benefit of your children or your grandchildren.

    Good financial planning and the correct structural setup makes a huge difference when it comes to creating the legacy many business owners strive for. Working closely with our accountancy and tax advisory colleagues, we look to add value to corporate clients in one of the following four ways:

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    4 ways we can help you

    1. Tax efficient profit extraction – Could you pay more into pension or possibly look to declare more dividends and invest within Venture Capital Trusts? They key here is planning the advice not just before the year end, but over the course of the business year.

    2. Investing surplus funds within the business – Just like individuals, businesses need a financial plan, with the objective usually being some form of exit, retirement (of the owner) or potentially business sale/floatation. We engage with business owners at an early stage to understand what these exit routes could look like, whilst highlighting the extra value they could create for now and at the exit stage by maximising returns on surplus cash.

    3. Challenging the current structure – Is this the most efficient structure? Could there be value in creating a holding company, or potentially de-merging the trading company away from investment element of the company? These are the types of questions we ask our clients and tax colleagues in order to make sure any and every opportunity to mitigate tax and create wealth is not missed.

    4. Shareholder/Partnership Protection – Whilst having an exit value is great for future planning, if you die before the sale or exit process then the business needs to find the cash to purchase your shares. We advise business owners to make sure specific life insurance policies are taken out within the business to the value of their stake in the company, alongside specific legal agreements to exchange shares for life insurance proceeds. This not only provides protection, but stops potential disputes over funds between remaining shareholders and you’re the beneficiaries of your shares.

    Corporate planning specialists

    Working on so many unique cases alongside our accountancy and tax advisory colleagues has led to almost half financial planners becoming corporate planning specialists. It also means our clients have come to expect a somewhat constant stream of planning ideas, looking to either reduce tax or improve long term wealth creation for the owners and their families.

    More from Financial Planning

    We offer a complete solution to clients. As well as completing your return, we use our knowledge of your individual circumstances to provide you with proactive advice and help you to minimise your tax burden.

    Our knowledge of trust and tax law and of its practical application has enabled us over many years to establish a large and well respected trust department, making us one of the leading practices in the area offering such a specialised service.

    Since conversion we have been more than happy with the quality of service from Simpson Wood. Danny McAllister has been our direct contact and has been at the end of the phone whenever help has been needed. Governors have also welcomed his attendance at meetings to present the annual accounts.

    The staff conducting the audit and completion of the accounts have been thorough and professional but also approachable and supportive.

    We are more than happy to recommend the services of Simpson Wood and are looking forward to continuing a long and successful working relationship with them.

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