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Simpson Wood Provide I.T. to Local Charity - 5 August 2011

Simpson Wood has donated over 20 computers to a local charity, Disabled People's Electronic Village Hall, to enable them to continue to provide vital services to the local community.

Daniel McAllister, of Simpson Wood, said: "We recently replaced all our office computers and wanted to find an organisation which could make good use of IT equipment that still remained of high specification".

"Disabled People's Electronic Village Hall is a charity we knew well and we were aware of the significant work they do within the disabled community and beyond, helping to provide people with IT skills to assist them with future employment. This seemed an ideal opportunity to help a worthwhile local cause whilst at the same time improving the skills of people looking for employment, which would be of benefit to their future employers".

Karen Wilkinson of Disabled People's Electronic Village Hall, welcomed the donation stating "As a charity, funds are always difficult to come by, particularly for capital equipment. This donation not only allows us to replace existing equipment but to expand the service we provide. It is heart-warming to receive recognition of the work we do from the private sector."

Anyone wishing to find out more about the work of Disabled People's Electronic Village Hall, and how they can get involved or receive their help can find more information on